Certified iPhone Repair Malaysia
Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5 has made big waves again in this world.People are being mesmerized by the gadget's attractiveness, bigger-sized display and faster processing capacity.

If your iPhone 5 has an issue and requires restoration, look no more. Just take a look at iMalaysian.com and be amazed! Your iPhone 5 will be handled by our technicians who have been specializing in the repairs of Apple products since the beginning. We can safely tell you that our technical professionals have the talent and the means to rectify every and any trouble.

If you are apprehensive about parts, we have some good news for you. iMalaysian.com makes use of nothing other than top notch authentic parts. Because we wants all the iPhone 5 its technicians repair to give the top-rated capacity, it makes certain that each replacement part it has is totally legitimate.

While many other Apple service providers provide a 30-day post-repair warranty period, let us impress you when we state that our company's standard warranty period is 90-days. If your iPhone 5's trouble still persists, return it to us for more examination or get a full repayment from us if we are unable to deal with your problem!

With us, customers are highly esteemed. Compared to many other organizations, our firm has the best feasible turnover time. Our technical specialists always endeavor to get your iPhone 5 back to you in one hour or less, from the time they get hold of your unit to conducting a comprehensive examination to getting it back to working order. They are not kidding about getting each repair executed in 60 minutes.

Our organization also exercises eco-friendly concept. We do not utilize any type of raw paper. As a substitute for recording on paper, data is typed into computers and rather than printed-out invoices, clients will get them via e-mail.

So if you think that your iPhone 5 is in need of repairs, bring it down to us either at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani where we will examine it and guarantee you a worthy restoration.Believe us when we say that your satisfaction is indeed certain!


We started with just two employees, working out of a small room. All these years later, we have over 40 employees, but our passion and dedication remain strong. Working with us, you will find we still stay true to our roots.


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