The world is once again being awestruck by Apple Inc.'s latest invention, the iPhone 5.The stunning beauty, larger display screen and speedier operating capacity make it much more desirable for anyone and everyone out there!

No electronic device, no matter how excellent, is exempt from coming up with technical problems and it would be wise for users to learn where to go for repairs. Why not check out the website and find out what we have to present? You won?t have regrets. Our crew of experts have pioneered the repair of Apple products and they will proficiently handle your iPhone 5. We can firmly inform you that our technical specialists have the ability and the resources to repair every and any issue.

You may be glad to know a few details that we have to mention about our replacement components. Only top notch original replacement parts are made use of at We want all iPhone 5s fixed to perform just like it has been recently acquired, therefore we ensures that each replacement component it utilizes in their repairs are totally legitimate.

While nearly all other Apple service agents provide a 30-day after-repair warranty period, let us impress you when we state that our company's normal warranty period is 90-days. The warranty entitles you to return the device for in depth repairs free of charge if your device is still not operating effectively after repairs or you can request a full reimbursement from us.

With us, customers are highly esteemed. Compared to many other companies, our organization has the speediest possible turnover time. We will accept your iPhone 5, study and decide the offender, make needed repairs and return it to you generally in less than an hour. Yes you heard me, one hour!

Our organization also observes eco-friendly concept. We do not utilize any kind of raw paper. All records are entered in to our computers and formal statements are only e-mail generated and forwarded to all of our clients where they can print it out if they need to.

Why not pay us a visit at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or the Village Mall, Sungai Petani when your iPhone 5 is needing repairs.

We will make certain that you will not come out of our outlet without being completely satisfied with our efficiency.

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