The iPhone 4S is effective at dealing with the most complex load of multitasking owing to its significantly more rapid processing power. Say goodbye to something referred to as lag when you are toying around with your new iPhone 4S.

Clients generally come to us for assistance in restoring their iPhone 4S. This is clear affirmation that we provide the finest in our assistance. The experts in Apple products have been there since the company started so they have all the technical know-how to handle your iPhone 4S.

If your iPhone 4S requires a replacement part of some type, rest assured that we at only practice the use of reliable legitimate parts for all repairs and replacement. We totally do not use any counterfeit components as we know they will not do the job as efficiently as the genuine Apple components.

An huge 90-day warranty is given along with all repairs and replacements conducted on your units. If, after sending in for repairs, the device continues to give trouble, the warranty provides the customer the option of sending it back in for a more in depth evaluation or ask for full reimbursement.

Besides, our organization has the highest turnover time of all like organizations in Malaysia. The clients of are held in high esteem. The technical professionals of endeavors to mend and give back the iPhone 4S to their users within 60 minutes of receiving it.

One of the organization's goals is also to have an environmentally friendly approach in all that it executes. Amongst its green concept approach is a paperless trade. All records are entered into the company's computer system and formal statements are e-mailed to customers who can print them out if they need to.

Our outlets are situated in eCurve, Petaling Jaya and the Village Mall in Sungai Petani if you are looking for our services for your problematic iPhone 4S.

Our technical professionals will see to it that your iPhone 4S is returned to you as good as new in the fastest time possible.

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